Are you going to be competing soon? Worried about whether your preparation has been ideal? Scrambling for a few extra tips to ensure you are in top condition? Here are a few from your in-house physiotherapist!

1) Balanced lifestyle. Ensure that you are eating well, and most importantly resting well. Most of us underestimate the importance and contribution of a good night’s rest to athletic performance. With an important tournament coming up, getting that extra 30-45 minutes worth of sleep in the weeks leading to competition can do wonders for your performance!

2) Hydration. If the tournament is held overseas, then a significant amount of time will be spent on air travel. This is important as plane travel can take a big toll on your body’s physiology. This is due to the pressurised cabin and drier air. Dehydration can also have detrimental effects on physical performance. The tricky part of this is that most of us will have to make weight before competing. Thus, it is important that you take note of how you handle hydration on the flight to balance both athletic performance and making weight at the same time.

3) Mobility. Mobility is key in all sports, and especially so in BJJ. In the weeks before competition, specific mobility exercises should be performed as this will help to prevent injury and aid in the recovery of niggling aches and pains. While on the plane, it is important to move around as much as possible to aid with blood circulation and joint mobility. Walking up and down the aisles every hour will promote blood circulation and also prevent deep vein thrombosis. This will also leave you limbered up and ready for competition the minute you disembark the aircraft! Regular stretching also contributes to increased mobility. The optimal time for stretching is 30 seconds per stretch, both before and after exercise, as well as throughout the day. Some stretching while on the aircraft would not hurt either!

For specific mobility exercises that will be tailored to your own needs, or other advice specific to your condition, do remember to pop by for your free physiotherapy consult every Wednesday between 6-7pm at FaMA (for FaMA members only)!